“Trece años dedicò a esas heterogéneas fatigas, pero la mano de un forastero lo asesinò y su novela era insensata y nadie encontrò el laberinto.”
J.L. Borges, El jardìn de senderos que se bifurcan.

Three Little Synths

I recently dug up some of my old Max/MSP patches, and had some fun replaying with them. You can download them Here .


Here's a simple swarm sounds synthesizer based on close frequencies interferences. It has height individually tunable oscillators, a global “spread” control and a lowpass filter.

The patch looks like this:

It uses this gen~ patch for the oscillators:

El Condor Pasa

This one is an attempt at immitating panpipes, with the obligatory tribute to Simon & Garfunkel:

It uses a frequency modulated rectangular signal to generate odd harmonics with a small vibrato. This signal is then filtered and amplitude modulated to shape it into a somewhat acceptable pipe sound. A white noise is fed to a filterbank using the same harmonics frequencies as the rectangular signal, to simulate the contiuous “wind” sound characteristic of panpipes. The same white noise is also fed to a bandpass filter and shaped by an envelope to create the chiff at the beginning of each note.

The patch looks like this:


This last one is a string pad synthesizer.

It is based on a generator consisting of a rectangular signal that is pulse-width modulated by a sawtooth wave. Adding a few of those with slightly detuned frequencies and phases creates an ensemble feel. The result is then fed to a lowpass filter whose cut-off frequency is controlled by an ADSR envelope. Another envelope shapes the amplitude of the output.